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Good decent effort and this is a 10 on effort

I can see that you've really tried hard with this. I can understand what you mean by a SMBZ rip-off as I agree that its stupid that people compare all sprite movies to Alvins as people have there own styles.

I also think it was original in the idea that Knuckles should face Mario as with spriting you should think of original fight scenes for characters.

But however, some of the guys do have a point as it does need to be improved like everything else any animator does. I know you hate some of the comments people lefted but I'd like to help and give you some advice:

Listen to critisums and see how you can improve on it, even though you think it does not make sense like the guy talked about the V-cam and 3d effects and stuff. Even though you may not think its right, you'll find that others think opposite and your audience matters.

You don't have to take my advice and I mean no offence, but I am trying to help you! Good luck in the future my friend.

kirbyky100 responds:

i knw wat ya mean, nd honestly i do take critisums, look at my descprition, clearly says "needs improvment still"

im not really good at the V-cam, honestly they piss me off half the time XD, but i will continue to try,

i take criticism tht MAKES SENSE, i mean some of these were just plain stupid, some dude gave me a 3 cuz most of the stuff isnt mine? i mean cmon, we all take from other ppl, nd i did recolor those knuckles sprites, and draw the hand of his, i did something on my own......but not to worry my friend, i knew all wat u said well in my head :]


Its really good. I love the retro style and the music is catchy. Some bits were funny too in a good way.

Thank You!

The animations alright. But I am glad you are giving awarness of the disabilty as I am high functioning autisum myself. Something few people have done, and for that Thank You! Cause autistic people do feel like this..

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You deserve more credit than this

I find this to be one of the best Sonic 2 ending themes ever. Its exactly how it was meant to be. I just wished you got more votes and credit for it. Great job!

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Pretty cool drawing!

You do some pretty good drawings... maybe scan them on the computer a colour them in maybe for next time.

Overall its good mate!

phantominoid responds:

i still dont know how to color with computer even thought i have photoshop

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